Getting A New And Better Job The Power Of Networking

by rabeel

In the world of job search and employment placement is “I got my new and better job through the power of person-to-person job networking”. Developing a large personal contact network is the number one source of job leads.

In the employment field as well in the Human Resource department field that 65 % of all jobs are identified through career and employment networking. Getting your ideal job is in essence a “numbers game”. The more people who are aware of your job career employment search, the more real solid leads that you will obtain.

Job Search Network:

The goals of job search networking should be to make as many people as possible aware of your job search, make a very good impression, seek job leads and referrals to others who can possibly be of help, and as well seek as many good, helpful, and relevant Job and employment networking solutions along the path of future employment.

Networking is the top source of job leads because employers prefer to hire people who are referred to them personally through networking. In essence, the larger your job career employment search network is, the greater your odds are of finding someone who knows or can introduce you to a viable prospective employer. It is similar to buying lottery tickets to win the big one.

“You cannot win if you do not have a ticket”. And the greater your number of chances, or people in your network, then the greater your chances of success, or in this case getting the gainful employment of your choice, and advancing in life – be it financially, up the corporate ladder, or placement to position with greater personal job satisfaction or better, more likable or agreeable management.

The question often arises – is not this whole process a bit self-serving. 

Are you selfish or just using other people for your own personal gain?

If you take the time to summarize life – we get most things in life, of value, through other people. Unless you are living as a hermit, whether it is your car, your home, your groceries, your children, or your education and family – all come in the end from your interactions with “other people”.

Employers seek good employees and future :


Good employees and future employees for their positive attributes and results that they can bring to their company, business, firm, or organization. As long as you are sincere in your desire to help the firm move along the path of its chosen business goals in a sincere helpful manner this is perfectly moral, acceptable, and just plain proper. For both yourself and the firm, it is a win-win situation.

The firm is seeking good employees, you are willing to bring your advanced skills and attributes and apply them to the firm’s needs wholeheartedly and fully. The firm benefits and prospers in an ongoing profitable manner.

What could make more sense – both in a simple, honorable, and substantive manner?

You bring to the table the valuable skills that you apply to the firm’s benefit on a regular and consistent basis. You obtain regular employment, career advancement, and satisfaction.

The employer benefits in terms of the benefit of your skills, your determination and dedication, enhanced profitability, and hopefully better morale. In most cases, you will have higher levels of job and career satisfaction along with better pay levels.

In the end, it all comes down to a win-win situation for both your lifestyle and your employer.

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